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IABCA National/International Champion 2007
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(Athena at 18 months, Click On Picture For More)

Multi V1 Rated DECEASED

DOB: 12.13.06

OVC HD/ED Clear Cert#0040703

CERF# RO-6731/2008-24

08.16.09 Athena goes V1 Open Class, 2nd overall in show 2009 NIRK NorCal Sieger Show & California State Championship

04.19.09 Athena takes WB, BOW & BOS Gavilan Kennel Club

04.12.09 Athena takes WB in Sacramento

04.05.09 Athena takes BOS in Merced

02.27.09 Athena takes 2nd over 20 bitches in Arizona

02.22.09 Athena takes 5th again over 40 bitches at Southwest Rottweiler Specialty, impressive given she was off for almost two years with a leg injury and has just returned to action

02.20.09 Athena takes 5th over 40 bitches at Southwest Rottweiler Specialty

02.01.09 Athena Smokes The Boys Again With Best Opposite Sex In Fresno

01.31.09 Athena Smokes The Boys In Fresno With Best Oposite Sex

01.18.09 Athena goes Best of Winners at the Ventura Kennel Club

01.17.09 Athena goes Winners Bitch at the Ventura Kennel Club

01.04.09 Athena goes Reserve Winner at the Palm Springs Kennel Club

08.22.08 After recovering from a bad leg inury, WCR's Athena vd Tal returns to the show ring and garners Winners Bitch on Day 1 of the Santa Barbara Kennel Club, her first show since November 2007!

ARV Nationals October 2007 VP1 9-12 Class. Handled expertly by Darryl Kendrick's/Black Wolf Rottweilers. Congrats to Darryl and his first of many wins to come with Athena. We greatly appreciate the many, many comments on how incredible this bitch truly is. The Judge even commented that "this is what all breeders should strive to make." We can't agree more because that is what we make.

ARV Nationals Critique by Judge Joe Hedl

10 month old female, very well built; good bone and substance; good confidence calm and friendly; beautiful pronounced breed type feminine head with medium size ears; good stop, deep set dark brown eyes; beautiful short full muzzle; straight front legs with very good tight feet; very good depth and width of chest; good muzzle; sufficient front and rear angulation; good top and bottom line with medium croup; good short coat with very good markings; good fluid movement with scissor bit. Rating VP1

April 5/6 lake Irvine, CA IABCA 2 x BOB, 4 x V1

Class and Sweeps 10/19, winning class 10/20, and taking two seconds in Winners Group at one of the biggest Rottweiler Specialties in the Western U.S, the ARC Pleasanton RSS. Congrats to his handler Erin Piercy.

Sept 23, 2007 Antioch IABCA Golden State Fall Sieger Show 9-14 month class , 2 x class win, 2 x BOB, 2 x BOG & runner-up BIS. She is now a IABCA National/International Champion at the age of 9 months.

Sept 22, 2007 Antioch IABCA Golden State Fall Sieger Show 9-14 month class, 2 shows first day garnering 2 x class wins/2x BOB Best Puppy/1 x 3rd placing BOG

August 2007 Santa Barbara AKC 6-9 Month Wins 3 Straight Days

August 2007 Santa Rosa AKC Win 6-9 month

July 2007 Ventura AKC 3 Day Show, 3 Wins 6-9 month

BOB, BOG and BIS Working Dogs Specialty Show and Puppy Match

BOB and BOG Anticoch 6/2007 AKC Show and Puppy Match

Athena hails from our wildly acclaimed "E" litter of Ghemon and Stablemates Cora vd Tal. Athena carries the trademark type that we at WCR have been producing on our pups; super strong bone, very compact, tight and broad backs, impeccable top lines, strong feet, correct angles, strong drive and impressive head pieces with substantial bone.At her first competition Puppy Match, Athena was mobbed by handlers, competitors and the like every time she emerged from her crate.She very strongly resembles her father, World Vice Youth Sieger Ghemon. For a 3.5 month old female, she blew away the much older males and females in overall type, balance, head size and bone strength. Athena will definitely garner more than her fair share of glory in her show career. Athena's follow up in June 2007 Puppy Match, not only did she 'wow' the crowd and again garner a huge amount of attention, went out and took her class, Best of Breed and Best in Group Honors. Upon completion, the Judge remarked that Athena will be titled as a puppy. At 6 months Athena weighs in at 73lbs, she STRONGLY resembles Ghemon, very masculine and extreme in her headpiece, incredible stop, cheek and top skull. She has the most beautiful tight, small feet and her chest is enormous. Movement is undeniably gorgeous. We are very proud of this producing.

Athena is now titled as a Puppy National/International Champion, completing her title in two days of showing with impressive results: 9-14 month Class four straight class and BOB wins, 2 wins BOG, 1 runner up for BIS and a third place BOG. Not only did she totally smoke the competition, she garnered a huge fan club base. Athena is a perfect example of our excellence that is produced here at WCR.

If there is one thing everyone at every show states, "holy sh*t, now that's a Rottweiler." There is no other bitch showing that is like her in head size (few males can match her for that matter), bone strength, chest size, body width. At the Southwest Specialty in Del Mar, CA, Athena was hands down the most popular Rottweiler there. We may not win every show but, people really enjoy our producings and the best is still to come.

At the 2009 NIRK NorCal Sieger Show & California State Championship Athena was without doubt the most popular bitch at the show. Her compliments where endless from the judges, contestants and fans alike.


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IFR 2004 Vice World Youth Champion HD+/- ED+/-

rottweiler breeders

Kevin Buoso da Dovara



Guana v Sonnenhugel

SchHIII, BH, ZtPR (Germany) HD+/-, ED +/- Swiss-Ks 2001, Ontario Sieger 2000, NCRS Sieger 2000, Campione Riproduttore (Champion of Reproducing)

Olli Buoso da Dovara

HD-FREI ED-FREI SchHII,  IPOIII, ZtPR, Italian  Champion


SchHI, HD-



Stablemates Cora vd Tal


rottweiler dog breeders

Xanto vh Neubrand

SchH III, BH, Ztpr, HD-frei, OFA Good DT. VDH German Champion, "2000" Canadian National Sieger, Mexican Champion, German Dona Sieger, German Bodensee Sieger, German Dona Youth Sieger, German Bodensee Youth Sieger, Best of Breed in 3 Countries

Othello vh Neubrand

SchH III, IPO III, Ztpr, FH, AD, BH, HD-, OFA Excellent 1998 United States Rottweiler Club, National Club Sieger, 2 x BISS, BOB, Am/Ch

Christel vh Neubrand


Adelblut's BellaDonna

RO-3659 CERF Norm RO-57378E27F Excel

Puck de Pandjah

H/D A, OFA GOOD BRK Konig "93, BRK Prins "92, V-1 Dusseldorf Specialty Show "93, Selection "93, Melleur De Race Charleroi "93, Beste Kopel Limburg "93, V - ADRK Klub Sieger Show "95, V - ADRK Bundessieger Show "95, V - in 4 countries, 18 X V

Ray's Adlig Anneliese

AD, BH RO-35718G26F Good


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