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Welcome to our site rottie puppiesand the home of California's West Coast Rottweilers/Von Der Tal. My wife and I started into the wonderful world of Rottweilers in 1982 while she was competing with Hunter/Jumper Horses. While looking for more potential show horses, we spotted a set of thick legs walking behind a fence line and wondered what belonged to them. We where introduced to our first Rottweiler Silver Sire AM/CAN/MEX CH. Harras v Sachsen, owned by Rottweiler Breeder Stablemates Kennels/Cynthia Campbell. From that moment on we have been involved with the Rottweiler World, and through the many years, we have co-owned many Rottweilers with such notables as Cynthia Campbell and Maureen Wilkinson/Trollegen Rottweilers.

rottie puppy

We have been fortunate enough to have been affiliated with a number of legendary Rottweiler Breeders, most notably Maureen Wilkinson. Trollegen Rottweilers have been the foundation for many great Rottweiler kennels in the U.S. and around the world; her legendary status as a Rottweiler Breeder rottweilers puppiesand judge is well deserved with notables in Europe as: Cz Ch Simebergs Rambo von Trollegen and Cz Ch Simebergs Victor v. Trollegen (pictured). Through the numerous decades, we have learned that the female contributes upwards of 60-70% of the genetic traits -vs- the male, therefore it is imperative to start with the best, period. Using fault ridden, mediocre stock is just that and generations will be spent attempting to remove that, if at all. Think about it; when was the last time you saw any kennel selling their prized Rottweiler breeding is quite rare. Given this, we have targeted top Rottweiler bitches and we have been very fortunate to acquire a number of excellent quality, which is very hard to do. A top producing Rottweiler bitch can be taken to virtually any good quality male and make excellent pups, mediocre bitches cannot. Rottweiler Breeders have repetively failed to understand that you cannot take a poorly breed, poor type female and expect quality and to reproduce quality. We appreciate the great many emails from around the world congratulating us on our exceptional acquisitions and breeding's.

As you will notice, we do not keep a stud dog, we find it much more beneficial to take our bitches to the best Rottweilers in the world .We will go to great lengths to find the most suitable stud, regardless of where they are located. A true sign of a program striving for excellence.

Knowledge of your dogs pedigree is paramount; we have a very extensive Rottweiler database that we have been compiling for the past few decades which we utilize when breeding, selecting studs and potential acquisitions. Given our database, acquired knowledge and relationships with respected Rottweiler Breeders and judges, we bring a great deal of research and knowledge to our puppies rottweilerbreeding program.

Details, they are all too often overlooked by the mass majority of Rottweiler Breeders, willing to overlook them in order to gain a "type" or "look." You may gain the "look" but obtained a lot of bad issues along the way or even have lost everything you had gained, generations will be affected. We use only highly select, the very best studs in our program, period. Every male brings what we want to the table or they are not used at all, period. We are unwilling to compromise our high level of expectations from ourselves and our bitches, plain and simple. We sweat the details, because it is the details that sets Rotts apart. Anymore you can see poor eye color, poor mouth pigment, loose shoulders, falling croup's, flat rib cages, shallow chest, will not see that here at West Coast Rotttweilers , we are too committed to making the best Rotties possible and it goes back again to the bitches; without high quality, excellent producing bitches you are fighting an uphill battle that may never be won.

rottweilers puppy

Morals/ethics are in our opinion the backbone of any quality Rottweiler Breeder. Being an owner of numerous businesrottweiler breederses selling into over 35 countries and being a Professional Firefighter/Paramedic (and from generations of the same), we live and teach ethics/morals daily. Research your Rottweiler Breeder before purchasing from or breeding to. We breed for the betterment of the Rottweiler, planning only several litters per year. We do not maintain a large 'collection' of dogs in order to gain financial rewards, but very few select bitches to assure we are bringing the best to the breeding. Rottweilers will always be an enjoyable 'hobby' and never a business; this is an expensive hobby and attempting to earn a living from mass production of breeding's in our opinion makes mediocre puppies and ruins the breed. We prefer to have several great bitches that bring proven quality -vs- having many bitches and doing the 'scatter-gun' approach and breed to endless males in an attempt to make a mediocre bitch produce better all goes back to a proven, genetically superior bitch. We breed not for the populous, but for ourselves and the development of our own line, and feel privileged when others want what we are creating for our kennel. It takes more than a great pedigree, it takes having the one bitch that posses the best genetics the pedigree offers. Consistent excellence in breeding does not happen by accident, it is obtained by strong knowledge, true commitment, proper acquisitions and excellent resources. Look at our Rottweiler Producing's Page , the consistency of excellence is proven time and time again.

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rottweilers california We go to great lengths to provide you, the potential new Rottweiler Puppy client, the best bred puppy available. Our clientele is almost exclusively other breeders, hoping to gain the needed genetics to incorporate into their bloodlines. We ave been willing to spend the time and finances to acquire our select bitches, so that you to can benefit from our passion for the breed. The bitches we purchase are not the one's you find "For Sale." We buy what is not for sale and considered Personal Breed Stock; there is a huge difference, you sell junk and you keep excellence, and buying excellence is no easy matter or cheap.

As a Rottweiler Breeder we do not breed to studs because of titles, popularity, or hype, but to those whom match in 'type' and 'genetic superiority as seen through their offspring. We have secured future breeding's to very select males, not normally made available unless the bitches are of exceptional quality. Many Rottweiler stud owners have approached us to offer their services to our females, a true sign of what the quality is of our bitches. They realize the genetically superior can and will enhance their studs offspring and their studs presence. Stud owners have even requested to purchase from the litter that their stud has sired, yet another strong sign of our quality bitches. How many Rottweiler Breeders use their own studs on all of their bitches, over and over and over? This is not what we here consider a breeder striving to progress the breed, and how can it? It takes time, money and a lot of determination to fly bitches all over the world to the BEST suitable males. Laziness and greed is not what we here consider being committed to our breed.

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As you will notice, we have numerous bitches of different types or looks. We enjoy working and developing the different types; we don't strive to make them all produce into one certain type or look, we strive to progress each line separately from the other bitches, enhancing their excellence. Most breeders have that certain type and strive to make just that one look, we rather not pigeon hole ourselves into one 'look" but to work on different types, more opportunities to produce excellence and not becoming a one-dimensional kennel.

rottweiler puppies for sale

Everyone has their own features or 'type' they like to see in Rottweilers. Our Rottweiler 'type' has always been very powerful and strongly featured; especially the bitches. Our bitches are heavily muscled, rotties puppies for salerobust chests, strong/broad backs and big, strong heads. One look at the quality of type our bitches posses and what we produce, we are unique. It has always been our contention that if you can breed females that are of this 'type'... you have produced a great litter. Thick, powerful females are not easy to find, this is why we acquired the females that we have and can now pass on those powerful traits.In today's Rottweiler World, you are seeing a dramatic and harmful change(s) to our breed. Males are getting smaller, bone strength is to the point of males looking bitchy, eye color is sand tan, sloppy loose skin, east/west pointing feet, pink mouths and super weak temperaments. Rottweiler Breeders appear to be no longer concerned about maintaining and/or keeping the true breed type alive but, concentrating on making only one aspect of the Rott and foregoing the remainder...which comes with disastrous consequences.

Come and look at our girls and pups see that we are, without a doubt, one of the very best kennels anywhere for top Rotts in type and producing. While most kennels have one nice bitch (or if any at all), they will also be filled with many medicore bitches. Here at West Coast Rottweilers , we have nothing but the most beautiful, powerful, extreme bitches, not one single medicore bitch, it is just as easy to do it right and first class -vs- doing it cheap and second rate.

Whether you are seeking an exceptionally bred rott for show, breeding, foundation or just a great family dog......West Coast Rottweilers is the obvious choice.

rottweilers puppies for sale


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