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How We Choose Our Rottweiler Stud Dogs Article

Our Males At West Coast Rottweilers

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WCR's Diego vd Tal

SOLD He is being made available to West Coast Rottweilers for breeding and AI

Herbie v Gruntenblick x Naja Earl Antonius

Diego is without doubt the most extreme HERBIE v GRUNTENBLICK son. He is also without doubt the most impressive Rottweiler male we have seen from the wildly successful line of GONZZO EARL ANTONIUS x "A" litter sisters of Earl Antonius. Gigantic bone, monstrous head piece, very strong and full temperament, huge drive and gorgeous deep red mahogany. He is maximum height, black mouth, dark eyes, super short and tight back, huge barrel chest and super rear angulations.

Diego is making headway in the show arena though he tends to want to dominate the ring which causes a few problems but hey, he is a very type-A male. In his show debut, he won under the the famous Rottweiler Breeder Specialty Judge Catherine Thompson at the Pasadena Rottweiler Specialty Show.

Diego's pedigree is packed so full of the greatest Rottweiler producers and two of the most powerful lines for producing the extreme type Rottweiler has today at the highest show levels. Now, the California coast has a truly big, powerful, dry, big drive stud matched up with beauty, balls and a monstrous head piece.

In the AKC forum, he has no equal in type, body, size, temperament, drive and head piece. Diego is the combination of the great German Rottweiler and European lines

for sale rottweiler

Eric v Carrabba Haus (USA)

Herbie v Gruntenblick x Wendi v Lenthe

V2-Rated, HD- ED+/-

Eric is a very clean Rottweiler, everything is excellently balanced, a shame that he broke his tooth ending what was to be a great show career. Eric is a very close relation to Wasko v Mariannenthal II and Astor v Junipera. Wasko is a Mambo vd Crossener Ranch son and his Dam Vera v Lenthe is the full sister to Wendi v Lenthe, a Balou daughter. Astor is a Balou grandson on the sires side and a Mambo great grand son on his dams side. Both males have very similar representations of the line with our preference towards Eric for size, movement and the work....both are exceptional. Eric also has Mambo and Balou where I like them best, especially Mambo in the 3rd generation slot -vs- closer up, but Eric brings the the great movement dog BS'96 Brutus vd Hammerschmiede SchHIII, FHI, AD, BH, Gek, HD- and the one of the greatest working dogs of all time DM'90 Fjordbakkens Andy SchHIII, FH, AD, IPOIII, Gek, HD- . The best German Rottweilers are here in this pedigree.

Beauty, if one word describes Eric it is "beauty." This Rott just demands to be admired and rightfully so, From the glowing red mahogany, to the beautiful head piece that is so much like his great mother, to the widest front end I have ever seen on any Rottie, period.

Eric is a Rottweiler that is powerful, strong bone, very correct front and rear ends, big drive and a gorgeous head piece, very much like our Herbie/Naja son WCR's Diego vd Tal, his half brother.


-Rottweilers & Rottweiler Breeders We Recommend Outside Our Kennel-

West Coast Rottweilers has no financial stake in the studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the breed with honor & integrity; studs are shown whom have proven themselves to produce exceptional type & temperament with a varied range of bitches

Arko vom Brukroft

Edge vom Carrabba Haus x Qwendi vom Brukroft

HD- ED-(Germany) Multi VI, Multi Best Puppy in Show, Multi Best Youth in Show

rottweiler for sale

Apoll v Kriegsdamm (Italian Rottweiler, German Rottweiler import)

Ambassador v Shambala x Xenia vom Kriegsdamm

Multi VI, IPOI, IFR Rottweiler World Championships Working Class rated Excellent, HD-A (Free), ED-O (Free) ZtPr

rottweiler for sale

Armando Kao Bumbarin (Serbian Rottweiler)

Felix Crni Lotos x Hestia t' Hupke

Elbeyugendsieger Germany 2012, Youth Champion of Serbia, Polish Jugensieger and Best Youth Dog BIS 2011, V8 2011 ADRK KS with 70 Rotts, Vice Youth Sieger Hungary, SCAC, CACIB, Multi VI, HD A, ED I

rottweilers for sale

Astor v Junipera (Croatian Rottweiler)

Waro vh Sommer x Volga od Dragicevica

Multi VI, BOB, BOG, BIS, 2010 IFR World Champion, Young Ch of Croatia, Croatian KSGR 2009, IFR World Show VI, Vice Holland KSGR,Lechschau Jugendsieger 2008 (ADRK) V2 Belgian Rotweiler Klub Show 2008, Italian Rottweiler Klub Show V1 Youth Winner/Best Young Male/Auslandjugendsieger 2008, 2008 Youth Vice Sieger Europe, HD-, ED-

puppy rottweilers for sale

Arzadons Tayson (Danish Rottweiler)

Barni od Dragicevica x Arzadon Nancy

IPOIII, ZtPR(Germany), BH, UHP, FRI, Mental Test Passed HD/ED frei, FCI International Champion, ADRK Rottweiler Klubsieger Jungendklasse V2, BIS Benelux Show Jungendklasse V1, Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion, Nordisk Junior Winner 2004, Nordic Winner 2004, BOB/Nordic Winner 2005, Danish Klubjugensieger 2004, Danish Rottweiler Klubsieger 2004/BOB-2005-2006, Westkusten Jugensieger 2005, Rostock Sieger 2006, Schwalesieger 2006, Chosen for England Crufts Show 2006, ADRK KS 2006 Siegerklasse V2, Elbe Sieger 2006, Neumunster Sieger 2006, Danish Klub Sieger 2007, Portugal Klub Sieger 2007, Swedish Klub Sieger 2007, Europa Sieger 2006, ADRK Bundessieger 2006, ADRK Jahrhundsieger 2006, ADRK Schwalesieger 2006, V1 German Bundessieger Show 2007, Polish KS 2007, BISS Thailand 2007. NTRG Bundessiger Thailand 2007, NTRG Klubsieger Thailand 2007.
rottweiler puppy for sale

Arzadons Zato (Danish Rottweiler Import, resides in Germany)

Arzadons Tayson x Ajka iz Stiske Doline

2008 USRC Rottweiler National Sieger, NE USRC Rottweiler Regional Sieger 2008, V-rated 2007 German Federal/Bundessieger Show Working Class, V1 rated, V2 Hamburg Elbeshau Res.-Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, V4 Friedrich -Berger Show, HD- ED-, SchHIII, BH

rottweilers for sale

Barry vom Carrabbahaus (American Bred Rottweiler)

Ians Yago vh Walker x Perla van Haysherak

NCRK Best Puppy In Show, Multi VP, Multi V, V2 ADRK Klub Show 2011

rottweiler puppies for sale

Brando Buoso da Dovara (Italian Rottweiler exported to Asia)

Odo v Fleischer x Ziggy Buoso da Dovara


Multi V1, Multi CAC, V5 ADRK Rottweiler KS 2006, IPOI, HD+/- ED Free
rottweilers california

Carlos vd Golan Hohen (German Rottweiler Import USA)

Balou v Silberblick x Quinta v Wolpinghausen

V 2007 ADRK Rottweiler Klub Show, V1 Working Class Holland Klub Show 2007, 2xV2 USRC Nationals 2006-2007, 9 xV1, 19xV, V8 KS '04, V Rated KS '06 & '07, SchHIII, IPOIII, BH, ZtPR, HD frei, ED+/-, Pink Papered, ABST/Korung

rottweilers california

Dickie WCR vom Carrabbahaus

Ians Yago vh Walker x WCRs Hera vd Tal[

NERYS and Best Puppy in Show 2011, Multi VPI, VP2

rottweilers california

Dragon v Ludwigsplatz (Croatia)

Faridon Crni Lotos x Megi Crni Vitez

HD Free, ED Free, SG Youth Class


rottweilers california

Edge v Carrabbahaus (USA)

Ians Yago vh Walker x Nuria Buoso da Dovara

rottweilers california

Enoch v Carrabbahaus (USA)

Ians Yago vh Walker x Nuria Buoso da Dovara

RKNA Breed Show MMRSK VI 18-24 Month Class Youth Sieger 2012, SG2 12-18 Youth Males2012 ARC Nationals,VI 12-18 Youth Males Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub Show, VPG1 9-12 Month 2011 USRC National SE Regional Sieger Show, PI Best Male Puppy ARV Fall Sieger Show

rottweiler breeder

Eric v Carrabbahaus (USA)

Herbie v Gruntenblick x Wendi v Lenthe

V2-Rated, HD- ED+/-

rottweilers puppy

Ernesto Carrabba v Gagne (USA)

Karl vh Neubrand x Quadra vh Anin


german rottweilers

Frenki vh Edelstein (USA)

Uzi Flash Rouse x Bereta OD Lovrica

HD- ED- Germany

puppies rottweiler

Ghemon (Italian Rottweiler Import USA)

Kevin Buoso da Dovara x Viki

IFR 2004 Vice World Youth Champion HD+/- ED+/-

rottweilers puppies

Gonsalo Buoso Da Dovara (Italian Rottweiler import USA)

Brando Buoso da Dovara x Xandy Buoso Da Dovara

VI, HD-Frei, ED-Frei, IPOI,  ZtPR, DNA

rottie puppy

Gromm Hof Chao (Belgian Rottweiler)

Azar van de Lutenburcht x Britt Hof Chao

Multi-VI, ADRK Jug. CAC, ADRK res. CAC, Anw. Dt CH VDH, Kylltaljugendsieger 2009, Belgium Junior Winner 2008 & Hopprins 2008, ZtPR, BH, HD- ED- DNA-tested (Progenus)

rottie puppies

Guana v Sonnenhugel (Italian Rottweiler)

Amboss v Teufelsteich x Farah vd Furstenwiesen

SchHIII, BH, ZtPR, HD+/-, ED +/- Swiss-Ks 2001, Ontario Sieger 2000, NCRS Sieger 2000, Campione Riproduttore (Champion of Reproducing)

rott puppies

Harry Potter del Dardo Nero (Italian Rottweiler)

Enzo v Bickesheim x Umbra v Burgthann

Multi V1, Multi BOB, Multi CAC, V1 Klubsieger Zuchtschau RCI, Int.CH, Campione Sociale 2006, Campione Italiano, HDB, ED0, SchHI, ZtPR

rottweiler puppy

Herbie v Gruntenblick (German Rottweiler Import USA)

Mambo vd Crossener Ranch x Toga v Kummelsee

INT.CH, USRC National Rottweiler Sieger 2006 & 2009, DT.VDH-CH, Grenzlandsieger 2007, Westfalensieger, Schonster Rude & Lech Shau Sieger 2006 , V1 BOB CACIB Paris, Freidrich Berger Show V1 BOB CAC, Heidesieger 2006 BOB, Canadian National Sieger 2006, V1 2006 ADRK Klusieger Show, V1 2006 ADRK Bundessieger Show, Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2006 V1, Frankreich Champagne 2007 V1 BOB CACIB, Zaragoza ( Spanien ) CACIB BOB,Multi CAC, VPGII, ZtPR, BH, ED frei, HD frei (Germany)
rottweiler dog breeders

Ians Yago vh Walker (USA)

Multi VPI Puppy Class, HD- ED-

Carl v Carrabbahaus x Frida Sirmium Kids

rottweiler breeders

Imo v Bergischen Land (German Rottweiler Import Canada)

Ben v Schwaiger Rathaus x Candy vd Quellenberg

SchHI, VPGI, BH, AD, ZtPR, HD-, ED- Pink Papered Import


Ingo v Brandenbuger Tor (German Rottweiler Import Deceased)

Ferres v Hirschenrangen x Cendy v Schwaiger Wappen

Multi V1, SchHIII, BH, AD, ZtPR, HD+/- Pink Papered Import


Jero van Moserbear (Holland Rottweiler)

Arzadon Zato x Aksa van Moserbear

Netherlands Youth Champion 2012, Amsterdam Youth Winner 2012, Multi V1 ,CAC, BOB, J-CAC, Rated 67cm, 60kg (132lbs)HD frei, ED frei



Junio Buoso da Dovara

Dago vom Türnleberg II x Laila Buoso da Dovara  

D.O.B 10.26.2012 HD+/-  ED1


Kamber of Nicola's Lion (Serbian Rottweiler Import USA)

Noris vd Alten Festung x Herta Mar-Ub

USRC NSA'07, CH.BiH, Multi V-1, 4xCAC , r.CACIB , Spec. Rot. Show Sarajevo BOB, V-Rated KS Rottweil 2007 IPOI, ED-0, HD-B (Italy)

rottweiler 4 sale

Karl vh Neubrand (German Rottweiler Import USA)

Unkas vh Neubrand x Farina v Gruntenblick

Multi V1 Rated, V1 Klub Show Germany, 65cm, 108lbs, 2B eye , HD- ED+, SchHIII, BH, ZtPR
for sale rottweiler

Leroy v Haysherak (Italian Rottweiler)

Mambo vd Crossener Ranch x Rebecca della Rocca Brancaleone

Multi V1 Rated, IPOI, Champion Giovane S. Marino, Top Dog Giovane 2007,Top Young Dog 2007, ZtPR, HDB
rottweiler sale

Maik Buoso da Dovara (Italian Rottweiler)

Gonsalo Buoso Da Dovara x Xira Buoso da Dovara

Osterreich-KJS' 2009, HD-B ED-1 ZTP (Eye 1B - 53,5 Kg) D.N.A

rottweiler sale

Manolo Buoso da Dovara (Croatian Rottweiler imported from Italy)

Gonsalo Buoso da Dovara x Xira Buoso da Dovara

Croatian Champion, Multi VI, CAC, CACIB, r.CAC, 2xBOB, HD- ED-

rottweiler for sale

Massimo v Carrabbahaus (USA)

Timo vd Scherau x Jessi v Brukroft

Multi VI Rated, 2009 Toronto Canada Youth Sieger, HD- ED-

rottweilers for sale

Muck vd Scherau (German Rottweiler imported to USA)

Vico vd Flugschneise x Gesa vd Scherau


puppy rottweilers for sale

Osco vh Edelstein (Croatian Rottweiler)

Gino vd Berghalbinsel x Chiquita vh Edelstein

J.CH Crotia, J.CH Slovenia, KS '09 Croatia VI, KS '09 Hungary VI, KS '09 Slovenia V2, PANNONIA WINNER 2009-V2-r.CAC, THE BEST MALE OF CROATIA BREEDING-2009, 5 X Youth Winner, 5 x Junior BOB, Reserve Junior BIS                  

rottweiler puppy for sale

Quint dei Guardiani dello Stretto(Italian Rottweiler)

Gonsalo Buoso da Dovara x Dina dei Guardiani Dello Stretto

Multi V-Rated, HDA EDI, DNA

rottweilers puppies for sale

Quex v Kummelsee (German Rottweiler)

Umbro v Sittard x Nikita v Kummelsee

DT.JGD.CH, Unterfranken JS 2009, Rheinland-Pfalz-JS and BOB 2009, VDH-Jugendsieger Leipzig 2009, CACIB- Kassel V1 und BOB 2009, BH, Ztp, SchH/VPGI, HD-frei, ED-frei

rottweiler puppies for sale

Rios vd Alten Festung (Croatian Rottweiler)

Mambo vd Crossener Ranch x Petra Earl Antonius

Austrian Klubsieger 2006 & 2007, Multi BIS, BOG, Multi BOB, Multi CACIB, r.CACIB, CAC, r.CAC, V2 IFR 2004, 2 x V1 Rovinj RSS, V3 Euro Dog Show 2005, V2 ORK KS 2005, CACA/CACIB Working Class BS Germany 2005, 3 x BOB 2007, over 20 x V1, Most successful rottweiler ever in Croatia

Santo dei Calabresi (Italian Rottweiler)

Brando Buoso da Dovara x Gina dei Calabresi

Multi V-1, Multi CAC, Select Stud, ZtPR, IPOI DNA R.SEL HD+/- ED +/-

german rottweilers

Timo vd Scherau (German Rottweiler, Italian Rottweiler Import USA)

Akino vd Lauterbrucke x Lucie vd Scherau

VPGI, Multi V1, Multi CAC, HD frei, ED+/-
rotties puppies for sale

Vico v Kressbach (German Rottweiler Italy)

Jumbo v Kummelsee x Luna v Kressbach

Italian Klubsieger 2007, Campione Sociale Italiano 2007, 2006 Bundessieger Show Dortmund V2, Udine Show 2006 VI, VPGI, IPOIII, BH, ZtPR, HD frei, ED frei

rottweiler puppies

WCR's Teemu

Carlos vd Golan-Hohen x Naja Earl Antonius

Multi BOW, Multi BOS

rottweiler breeder

Wolmack v. Carrabbahaus (USA Rottweiler now in Holland at Moser Bear)

Timo vd Scherau x Biggy Buoso da Dovara

Multi V

rottweiler breeder

Zorro dei Floriopoli (Italian Rottweiler)

Lux v Bickesheim II x Naomi dei due Salici



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