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WCR has no financial stakes in the studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the breed with honor & integrity; studs with exceptional type, temperament and production

Danish Rottweiler male

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United States Rottweiler Club National Sieger 2008, NE Regional USRC Sieger 2008 (defeated KS Sieger Djuke Vilstaler Land twice) V5 at the German Federal /Bundessieger Show in the prestigous Working Class 2007, Multi V1 Rated in the Working Class, V2 Hamburg Elbeshau Res.-Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, V4 Friedrich -Berger Show, V1 Florida USRC Show, V1 AIRK North Carolina Show, V2 Italian KS Show 2009, HD- ED-, SchHIII, BH, ZtPR 66cm 60kg/135lbs

We predicted it a long time ago that Zato will be the next great sensation, and now he has proven just that by becoming the USRC National Sieger and besting the Rottweiler Klub Sieger Djuke Vilstaler Land two shows in a row.

This male hails from Denmark, high working scores, hard as nails temperament, 1A/B eyes, solid black mouth, incredible top line, powerful chest and strongly sprung rib cage. Super tight shoulders and excellent angles front and rear and quite possibly one of the very best there is in movement. His head piece? Nothing short of massive, rugged and flat out impressive. Thick? 66cm AND 135lbs, insane is the word here and he can easily take a few more pounds to be in complete shape!! Throw into this HD and ED free, you have a great, great Rottweiler.

His pedigree is line bred on one of the best kept secrets, line bred 2/3 Morro vh Marker and he is a super-sized version of him, even better. His father, the most titled living male and arguably the most titled in history Arzadons Tayson, is an enigma. Renowned for his incredible movement, working temperament and awe inspiring head piece, his son is without doubt the grand successor; his head piece alone eclipses his fathers, that speaks volumes and has one of the sickest stops...a vertical wall of skull. Arzadons Nancy comes from some of europes very best and most respected wotking lines ever.. the hard worker DM SchH'90 Fjordbakkens Andy SchIII Fh AD IPOIII Gek.b.Eza. This line is so potent that even many generations back, it still brings the heat. We predict that this male will dominate Europe, the same prediction we made for Herbie v Gruntenblick when we bred to him before he was known.

His mothers side is based fully around eastern europe's solid producers of quality and size: Stiske Doline, a small kennel that has produced a very serious number of high quality rotts, the incredibly thick and outstanding type of Chris vh Sommer paired with an excellent producer Kira ri Mobby Dick.. yet another small but dominating Rottweiler kennel.One of my favorite bitches is Kimba Stiske iz Doline, a beautiful, thick, tall female that produced such very nice rotts. You will find Furst v Wolfert Turm, Grand King Emanuelle and a host of legendary Rotts in the background.

Zato is making his home in Germany with Cassaanova Kennels, watch for Zato at all the big shows. Zato is highly regarded in Germany for his working abilities, they are highly impressed.

Zato's brother Arzadon Zendor, an impressive male that is not even close to Zato's size, head piece and type...that says alot. Take Arzadon Tayson and add another 20% in body and head, you have Zato!

Arzadon Tayson

IPOIII, ZtPR(Germany)BH, UHP, FRI, Mental Test Passed HD/ED frei, ROSTOCK SIEGER 2006, SCHWALESIEGER 2006, INT.CH, SWEDISH CH, FINNISH CH, NORDISK JUNIOR WINNER 2004, NORDIC WINNER 2004, BOB/NORDIC WINNER 2005, WESTKUSTEN JUGENSIEGER 2005, DANISH KLUBJUGENSIGER 2004. DANISH KLUBSIEGER 2004/BOB -2005-2006, ADRK Klubsieger Jungendklasse V2, BIS Benelux Show Jungendklasse V1, Chosen for England Crufts Show 2006, ADRK KS 2006 SIEGERKLASSE V2, ELBE SIEGER 2006, NEUMUNSTER SIEGER 2006, VI 2007 German Federal/Bundessieger Show Champion Class, Polish KS 2007, BISS Thailand 2007. NTRG Bundessiger Thailand 2007, NTRG Klubsieger Thailand 2007.

rottweiler puppies for sale

Barni od Dragicevica

Slowenischer Jugendsieger HD-A1   AA-1/2

Morro vh Marker

SchHI, AD, BH, ZtPr, VDH-CH. YUG-CH'01 Bundesieger '01 V1, Europasieger '02 V2, Klubsieger '02 V2, FCI Europe '03 V1, Bodensee Sieger '03 V1, Ch. Klubsieger

Hera od Dragicevica

KS-V3'00, YU CH. Int.CH, IPOI, Young YU CH., CACIB, 3 x CAC, HD-

Arzadon Nancy


Aaron vh Sinner


Sapias Zigga


Ajka iz Stiske Doline

DK.Ch, IPOI, HD- ED- Campeona de Dinamarca, EXC. 2ª Nordisk Winner  -  EXC. 1ª CAC Berlin

rottweilers puppies for sale

Morro vh Marker

SchHI, AD, BH, ZtPr, VDH-CH. YUG-CH'01 Bundesieger '01 V1, Europasieger '02 V2, Klubsieger '02 V2, FCI Europe '03 V1, Bodensee Sieger '03 V1, Ch. Klubsieger

Dux v Duracher Tobel 


Aska v Altkonig 

SchHI, BH, ZtPR, HD-

Kimba iz Stiske Dolina

3x PRM ,3xCAC CH YU, HD-O  IPO 1


Chris vh Sommer


Kira ri Mobby Dick


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