rottweiler puppy for sale
puppy rottweilers for sale

WCR has no financial stakes in the studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the breed with honor & integrity; studs with exceptional type, temperament and production

rottweiler for sale

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IPOI, ZtPR, HD-A (Excellent), ED-0 (Excellent)


What a great, great dog. Powerful pedigree that produces black eyes, black mouths, giant bone, powerful working drive, rich coloration, wide bodies, super correct front and rear ends that travel perfect and great head pieces. Zorro hails from Italy and is a great hidden treasue and has been producing very well in limited breedings. Several of Italy's top breeders have taken their bitches to Zorro lately.

Zorro is built to old world specs that are incredibly clean. Tight skin, beautiful coat, great feet, you can bet WCR will be using Zorro on one of our outstanding bitches because great dogs like Zorro are incredibly hard to find and even harder is one that is loaded with Bickesheim. Zorro sire Lux v Bickesheim II is the litter brother to 2004 USRC SW Regional Sieger, National Sieger, Canadian Ch Lord v Bickesheim II, BH, ZtPR, AD, SchHIII.

Zorro is line bred 3/3 Pascha v Obergrombacher Schloss (Irk v Obergrombacher Schloss x Flamme v Klein-Vach), a beast of a dog that produced incredibley powerful type. Interestingly enough is Sina v Bickesheim whom was bred to Pascha to produce Fee v Bickesheim and Sina appears yet again after she was paired with the great Hakim v Brunnenweible to produce Ayk v Bickesheim. This combination gives us a 3/4 on Sina whom is the product of the great working producer Torro v Zimmerplatz and Ernie v Kohlplatte. On his top side of the pedigree, you have the legendary Noris v Gruntenblick, Farah v Burgthann, the great Blitz vh Groneman, Vena v Kastanienbaum, Hassan v Konigsgarten, Brando vh Neubrand and Osco v Schwaiger Wappen.

On Zorro's bottom side of his pedigree you have some of Italy's greatest like Conan di Lizber, a great producer of type, mouth and eye color. Carlotta is sired by the great Matcho v Burgthann thus bringing in Irk v Obergrombacher Schloss again 4/4/4. You also bring in from his bottom side the legendary producer BISS, Int.Ch, American Ch, Belgium Ch, Luxembourg Ch, Netherlands Ch, Barto van't Straotje IPOIII, Am/Can TD, you also pull in Int.Ch, ES '86, KS '86, EJS '85 Iwan v Fusse der Eifel SchHIII, FH, AD, Gek, Duuck vd Nedermolen Dutch Ch, Int.Ch, Netherlands Ch, KS '82 '83 '84, BIS, IPOIII, SchHIII, Gek. Other great Rotts from Italy in this incredible pedigree is Ambra di Lizber SchHI, HD-, Multi CAC, the great producer Lizzy di Lizber HD-, SchHI, Multi CAC/CACIB/BOB IT.Ch, V3 Sieger Class ADRK KS '97, V2 Sieger Class European Championships '98 (Lizzy Offspring and Conan Offspring)

Frozen semen is available through his owner   or

Zorro Puppies Here

Bea dei Calabresi / Zorro daughter

Lux v Bickesheim II



Enzo v Bickesheim

SchHIII,BH, ZtPR, HD+/-, ED frei

Ayk v Bickesheim

Intl.Ch, DT VDH.Ch,  BH, ZtPR, AD, IPOIII, SchHIII, Gek

Tessy v Bickesheim

Multi VI, BH, ZtPR, SchHI, HD+/-

Fee v Bickesheim

HD Frei, ED Frei, SchH III, BH

Pascha v Obergrombacher Schloss


Sina v Bickesheim

SchHI, BH, ZtPR, HD+/-

Maverick di Lizber

IT.Ch, Ch. Reproduction, HD-A, ED-0, SchHI, ZtPR.

Conan di Lizber

Young Ch. San Marino, IT.CH, INT-Ch, Ch. Reproduction, V3 Sieger Class World Show, 1st place Best Temper and Best Attack 2000, Multi CAC, Multi CACIB, Multi BOB, SchHI, HD-, ZtPR



Edda di Lizber

HD-A, ZtPr, SchHI

Pascha v Obergrombacher Schloss


Eliene vt Vachtje


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