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California's Premier Code of Ethics Rottweiler Breeders West Coast Rottweilers have a wealth of experience in breeding Rottweilers. We breed Rottweiler puppies for our home to show but make available to the general populous our outstanding Rottweiler dog bloodline. We use only the finest German Rottweilers and Rottweilers from around the world and have our Rottweiler puppies in some of the finest homes, kennels and Rottweiler Breeding Programs in North America and abroad. We can also provide adult Rottweilers for sale from Germany and Europe along with Rottweiler puppies for sale from Europe.

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A Rottweiler Breeder of Excellence - World Class Rottweiler Bitches & Puppies

Here at West Coast Rottweilers, you will also find an excellent Rottweiler Photo Gallery with pictures featuring the Rottweilers of the past and present. West Coast Rottweilers is a Breeder of high integrity and a Rottweiler Breeder of excellence; we will always make sure our clients have a Rottweiler Puppy that exceeds all of their expectations. We also will provide to those interested in Rottweiler puppies our referral list, which every Rottweiler breeder should be providing to clients. West Coast Rottweilers is more than just a high quality Rottweiler breeder, we are a knowledge base that is available to not only our clients, but to the general public. West Coast Rottweilers is a single source, full service Rottweiler Breeder.

Take a look at our Upcoming Rottweiler Litters and our Upcoming Rottweiler Breeding's and you will immediately see that West Coast Rottweilers is a Rottweiler Breeder that is very serious about making the best possible Rottweiler Puppies anywhere, breeding to only SELECT, EXCELLENT Rottweilers from Europe.West Coast Rottweilers does not keep a stud dog on premise, we ALWAYS go to the outside to assure fresh new Rottweiler lines directly from Europe. West Coast Rottweilers is the leader in recognizing Rottweilers to incorporate into our excellent and often replicated breeding program. West Coast Rottweilers is a breeder that is 100% original, a true leader on the highest level of breeding Rottweilers in North America and utilizes the greatest breeders of the world to progress our Rottweiler Breeding Program even higher. If you want a Rottweiler Puppy that is going to be healthy, powerful and beautiful to look at, West Coast Rottweilers is your Breeder.



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